Top Health Tips For Breast Cancer Prevention

The need to make every person aware about breast cancer has been emphasized by setting aside the month of October as a time for awareness. Many organizations organize events during October to promote cancer awareness. It is unfortunate that this year there will be no 3 day walk mn. It is the duty of every person to take care of his or her health. The following are some top tips to help protect you against cancer.

How to prevent breast cancer

Exercise regularly

You need to keep moving on a daily basis. Remember that exercise should be your best friend as far as health-related problems are concerned. When you sweat more, you burn a lot of calories, and this can help you to stay healthy.

Go for routine checkups

It is advisable to visit your doctor on a routine basis. This is the case if you have doubts. You should note that breast cancer is not a condition that you can postpone so that you visit your doctor next month or at a later stage. When you get diagnosed earlier, you can save a lot of money.

Family history

It is necessary to know the history of your family since the majority of cancers are hereditary. If a person in your family suffers from cancer, then you are also prone to it.

Encourage breast feeding

New moms are advised not to stop breast feeding for any particular reason. This is because breast feeding will make you stay energized and healthy. Other than providing good nutrition to your baby, there is a need to keep your breasts in a great physical shape.

Choose right food

It is important to note that food plays a great role in alleviating many problems you have. You should avoid unfermented soy products, charred meat, and genetically engineered sugar and food. Also, try to consume the required amount of iodine, naturally fermented food, and vitamin A and D.

Reduce stress

In fact, stress is just a waste of time. Thus, you should try to relax. It is advisable to engage in stuff that makes busy. Stress can be a person’s biggest enemy and a great friend for many diseases.

Quit smoking

As you know, smoking and drinking can help cancer survive in your body. Therefore, you should quit smoking and take alcohol today. In this way, you will protect yourself from contracting this disease.tg2w3edf6hwed7j2i822

Focus on your weight

Recent studies show that the majority of women who have gained a lot of weight at the age of 18 are likely to develop to breast cancer. If you are obese levels, then you are at a great risk of contracting cancer.