Why Ghee Is Good For Your Health

Ghee, often known as clarified butter is the most used type of fat in the Asian families. Ghee is made by boiling butter and removing water and milk solids. Though many people have the notion that ghee is full of unnecessary fat, it can be beneficial to your health.

Here are reasons for including ghee in your diet

Improves heart health

Contrary to popular belief about the amgheeheartheaount of fat ghee has, the fat contained in ghee has been found to have amazing results to the user. In fact, ghee has been linked to lowering cholesterol levels to people who consume it. It does not contain saturated fat which may be harmful to your heart if not used in moderation. Instead, ghee is loaded with fatty acids good for metabolism and heart health.

It is an anti-oxidant

Ghee is famously known for its oxidative properties in the body. It acts as an anti-inflammatory keeping your body safe against harmful compounds that may cause certain diseases and illnesses like cancer. It is rich in vitamin A, a component responsible for keeping your body safe from oxidative stress, in turn, making you healthy.

It has a high smoke point

Unlike butter that quickly melts and burns after a few seconds when cooking, you can cook for longer periods with ghee. It has a higher smoke point making it one of the best and healthy cooking alternative in your kitchen. One of the beauties about this is that you do not need to worry that it will burn and release harmful compounds. It can retain the taste and value of your food even after cooking.

Immune boosting

Ghee is clarified butter which means high levels of butyric acid. This acid is responsible for the stimulation of cells responsible for increasing the immune system of the body. This means that every 1 Oz of serving of ghee can help boost your metabolism keeping you away from disease-causing illnesses.

Good for allergic reactions

Many people sufferdairyallergy from lactose intolerance. Ghee is dairy free (since all the dairy has been removed) making it a perfect solution for people who cannot consume dairy related products. This makes it possible for lactose intolerance people consume ghee without fear of gastrointestinal problems that often accompany them after consuming dairy products.

These are the key health benefits of ghee that make it good for your health. Include this fat in your diet to start reaping these benefits.